Concept artist.

I'm Kyou and I do concept art.
My commissions are closed at the moment.

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I will email you back as soon as possible.


- When writing the first email, please, include a description of the commission and include references.
- Payment is made upfront at this time.
- From the moment I start, It will take 8 weeks maximum to complete your commission from the moment I start it. After that, you will be completely or partially refunded depending on how far I am in the artwork.
- Payment is made through PAYPAL only.
- If the commission is complicated, the price will change accordingly. (Ex: armor, monsters and robots will be more expensive than a girl in a basic school uniform.)
- I am fine with drawing nudity but not porn.
- Commissions are personal. Commissions for commercial use are subject to different pricing, contact me for more.